The-Ally builds on 0xPolygon a new model to disrupt film distribution process

Trust, Transparency & Traceability in real-time for Content distributors

Digital age has changed the way in which the Content gets consumed today. Though the consumers have matured in their content consumption patterns, what have not changed are the opaque, monopolistic content distribution practices.

Film distribution, specifically, has been a game of a handful of gatekeepers who filter what content flows to the audience & how much should the creator get in return. In principle, there are two key business objectives of these gatekeepers or any VOD:

  1. To maximize Movie (Asset) utilization
  2. To increase consumer engagement with the platform

In most cases, the creators may not have visibility or do not get relative upside. Making such content reach the audience & distributing the revenue share to the creators, has always been in control of these gatekeepers. The-Ally is set to democratize this process thru use of blockchain and it’s ‘Transparent Viewership & Engagement’ (TVE) framework to provide utmost transparency and traceability in real-time during the content distribution process.

#Challenges with Current PoA based chain built on Ethereum

The-Ally, developed on Ethereum till now, had few challenges in scaling up. The constraints of Txns rate on PoA based blockchain networks has always been a major challenge to building a fast and efficient Dapp. During the release of a film or high transaction scenario, the PoA based validations makes the system slow & interrupts the UX, let alone the high transaction fees paid by The-Ally to process these transactions.

#Polygon (previously Matic) changes the equation for The-Ally!

The-Ally has adopted Polygon & will utilize its scalable solution to resolve these issues of scalability, cost and efficiency during the content distribution process. The Dapps built on Polygon will allow The-Ally to leverage the power of Polygon commit chain & seek following benefits:

  1. Shift to a high throughput based protocol
  2. Leverage much faster permissionless Public commit chain
  3. Enhance transaction security leveraging the stakers from the Matic Network
  4. Low cost of processing due to lower gas fees
  5. Transition to Proof-of-Viewership for transaction validation
  6. Build a governance model in real-time


Besides, The-Ally has signed a few long term partnerships with reputed Production houses & has a large repository of films & videos enabled on the network. It will leverage this position to advance into the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) business. These partnerships are expected to leverage film & various online content IP to create digital IPs and distribute them globally — a Dropbox for Video play model. Polygon will support & promote these new ideas globally and distribute NFT to enable absolute transparency & traceability of the content & relevant transactions, thereby preventing huge revenue leakages possible in content distribution.


The-Ally is uniquely using the power of blockchain to solve an age old problem in film & video distribution space from India. The unique business model, powered by Polygon, offers a great opportunity to The-Ally to scale their operations globally & bring a change in the film & video distribution industry. We are glad to partner with Polygon and build on top of their protocol besides getting assistance in crypto marketing initiatives.

The-Ally is a decentralized system that creates trust & empowers video creators and influencers to launch channels & enable content distribution on blockchain.

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